MBA admissions officers want great stories, not just great stats. Our expert consultants can help you find yours.

Great GPA? Stellar GMAT? You and everyone else. When it comes to MBA admissions, leadership is the Holy Grail, and your essays are the tiebreakers—your opportunity to communicate who you are instead of just what you've done. In the end, admissions officers look for insightful, growth-oriented leaders, not just candidates with great stats.

Over the last decade, the number of people applying to b-school has increased drastically—by as much as 40%. The number of spots have remained exactly the same. Admissions officers are bombarded with candidates who have star-studded resumes, 700+ GMAT scores, and "he-can-do-no-wrong" letters of recommendation.

At Forster-Thomas, WE BUILD CANDIDACIES. We're not merely MBA admissions consultants, we're seasoned coaches—and we play at an Olympic level. We drive you to transform extracurriculars; shift your perspective on what makes you great; whittle your dreams into sharp, professional goals; shape, sculpt and edit your essays until they cut to the heart of your candidacy; and help you select the right schools, recommenders, and message.

We don't make it easier, but we make it a hell of a lot better.

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