Who needs to audition for college? You do!

Applying to a top acting program at a major university is double the work of regular college applications. You not only need to complete the same application as your liberal arts and science friends, you also have to audition. It's a lot like becoming a “walk on” athlete at a D1 college: You have not been actively recruited by the school, and you have only one chance to go in there and show them your talent. Why, then, would you go into this process without the best possible resources at your disposal?

At Forster-Thomas, our highly qualified team will help you craft your story from top to bottom. Led by Tom Lock, we work on all aspects of your candidacy in an integrated and holistic fashion: And we understand what you're going through because we've been there ourselves.

Tom Lock is the Artistic Director of Killer Stage Company and has been in theater, film, and TV since moving to New York City as a student at Columbia University. He has attended Columbia for a BA and MFA, and NYU for an MBA specializing in the business of entertainment and media. He trained for many years with one of NYC’s most renowned acting coaches. Among his film an TV credits, Tom has starred in a primetime series, LIVE THROUGH THIS, created by SWIMMING WITH SHARKS writer/director George Huang. He has starred in several indie films with actors like Selma Blair, Chris Noth, and Roseanna Arquette.

Tom has starred on the New York City stage for directors like Academy Award Nominee Josh Fox in RECONSTRUCTION, and received critical acclaim for his performance as Leon in ALCHEMIST OF LIGHT. Critics called his performance "spellbinding" and declared that his "carnal emotionality” left them on the edge of their seat.

Most recently, Tom has begun developing television properties with major networks. He just developed and produced the one hour dramatic pilot OUT OF AGAWAM with and for MTV.  He is also currently developing a television series, DISTURBED, with a major cable network, and is directing two theatrical pieces on the NYC stage. Tom's work on both sides of the camera gives him a unique and powerful perspective from which he can guide actors toward good work in rehearsals, on stage or set, and most importantly,  in the audition room. Having sat on both sides of the table, he truly understands what can make your short time in the room memorable.

Tom has an incredible track record of helping a high percentage of actors he works with attend one of their top choice schools.