What follows is a transcript of an important conversation I had earlier today about registering for the ACT next week (week of July 27, 2020) with one of the most highly respected test-prep CEOs, Sean Quinn, of Onsen Education.

Sean: I totally understand the anxiety about registering for the ACT, especially this year, but relax. Everything’s going to be okay.

Auntie: Okay??? Are you joking? Nothing about testing under Covid-19 is OKAY!!!

Sean: The ACT has announced that it opens registration the last week of July (the week of July 27th), but they haven't confirmed an exact day/time on their website. So make sure you and your parents are signed up to get an email alert from this link: http://www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/the-act/registration.html. When the ACT does open registration, you and your parents will receive an email notification (not a text, #Snowflakes!).

Auntie: Wow. Thanks, Sean. I think that—

Sean: Auntie, stop interrupting. There’s more.

Auntie: Ouch!

Sean: First, Auntie, students’ phones and their parents’ phones should be set up to receive email alerts. (You should do it too, Auntie.) Second, pay attention to any communication that lands in your Inbox with the word "ACT" or comes from www.act.org. Third: Even without receiving an email from the ACTin the rare case that the email alert is delayedcontinue to check the ACT website for registration twice a day, every day, starting Monday, July 27—once in the morning around 9am, and once in the afternoon around 4 or 5pm.

Auntie: What do we do once we get the email alert?

Sean: Head directly to the ACT registration website and register as soon as you can for the dates that most interest you! The dates are listed below. Onsen Education generally recommends that current applicants register for one in September and one in October. And by the way, students should ask themselves, “Do I really need to take the test now?” If you’re a rising junior, for example, you might get some really good karma if you step aside and let the rising seniors take first shot at registering. Rising sophomores, definitely step aside.

Auntie: What if the date I want is already booked?

Sean: Not to worry—the ACT has effectively added 5 test dates this year, for a total of 7 possibilities between September and October. Of course, you may have to try all week long! The server will be congested and likely to go down multiple times. Don't give up! 



    • Saturday, September 12 
    • Sunday, September 13 
    • Saturday, September 19 


    • Saturday, October 10
    • Saturday, October 17
    • Saturday, October 24
    • Sunday, October 25 

Auntie: Thanks, Sean. You are amazing, Thanks for taking the time today to answer my questions. I am sure there are many of my colleagues and students who have found your words very calming and your instructions easy to follow. Please send us more photos of your munchkin toddler, Cala.

Any have any other questions? Please feel free to contact Sean at sean@onseneducation.com or 443-631-3338, or contact Forster-Thomas info@forsterthomas.com or 212-741-9090.