Med School Consulting: How It Works

See our Services page for the different levels of help we can offer—whether we start very early in your freshman or sophomore year, or at the very end of your primary application or even your secondaries.
How it works, however, remains the same regardless: We help you distinguish yourself from the other candidates by inspiring you to dig down deep and discover what makes you unique compared to applicants who also have excellent grades, scores, and activities.
This “dig down deep” consulting happens in every part of your candidacy, and in every part of your application. For example, we will help you write your activity descriptions in ways that shine a light not only on WHAT you have done, but WHY and HOW you have done it. In your personal statement, we don’t just help you summarize your experience and reasons for wanting to be a doctor, but we help you pinpoint a precise moment or experience that encapsulates who you are. Many candidates fall into a chasm by going “broad and shallow”: skimming the surface of their entire life story. We help you pick just the right few moments and go “narrow and deep,” so that I actually remember your story at the end of the day. This is crucial, because when the admissions committee is discussing candidates, they will remember you if they can pin a label on you from a vivid experience described in your application.

Your MCAT and grades tell the admissions committee whether you can do the work. That part is up to you. We help you pick the right extracurriculars, leadership projects, and research so that you candidacy tells a specific, memorable story, and we help you express your personal story through your essay and activity descriptions in such a way that you shine as an individual.
Forster-Thomas will guide you through a very harrowing med-school application process, and help you make smart, far-reaching decisions with confidence. From helping you pick recommenders, narrow down service opportunities, explain the AMCAS application, and express yourself through the written word, Forster-Thomas is your partner in all aspects of medical school admissions.