MBA Candidate Testimonials

The following is just a small sampling of the numerous reviews, testimonials, thank you letters, and emails we have received from our candidates over the years.

Working with David and Evan was an incredible process. Not only were you able to really draw out my life experiences and use them for my personal stories, but I managed to learn a lot about myself. It was about absolute trust in your team - trusting the process. You know what the schools are looking for; you know how to pinpoint leadership qualities from any experience. By looking at those experiences through your eyes, I felt empowerment and that gave me the confidence to walk into any interview knowing I belong there and they'd be damn lucky to have me.”
-New York City

When I called Forster-Thomas in December for my free consultation, it was only 2-3 weeks before my schools’ round two deadlines. While I would not recommend anyone to prepare MBA applications at the expedited rate I had done, I want to thank Ben and David for taking a chance on me and working through the holiday season to help me put together the best MBA application package possible. I went from previously unsuccessful on five applications to landing 4 interview invites out of 5 schools. With a Booth acceptance, over 40,000 in tuition remission, and potentially more to come from Yale, Wharton and Stern, my confidence in myself has been restored, thanks in part to you and your team.
-Fort Worth, Texas

Working with Forster Thomas revolutionized my approach to MBA applications. They facilitated a very introspective process that required me to soul-search and evaluate my path, which resulted in meaningful essays. I was a non-traditional candidate with no idea how MBA admissions committees would evaluate my profile, but Justin and David were incredibly helpful in suggesting MBA programs and providing feedback on how to highlight my qualifications. They were always available to answer questions. The investment was 100% worth it. Not only was I accepted to four out of six programs I applied to (including my "reach" school), I received a large scholarship to one of my top choices. I can't thank them enough for making the incredibly daunting application process much easier and--dare I say it--enjoyable.
-New York City
I got into Kellogg, Chicago, Wharton, and HBS!!! I am super excited! HBS was all I needed, but the others are amazing, too. I am so excited and so grateful for all of your insight along the way. THANK YOU!”
-San Francisco, CA
Before working with David and Evan I was all set to attend a mid-level MBA program. However, they convinced me that with the proper guidance and preparation I was capable of getting in to a top 10 MBA program. They were right. I never would have been accepted without their support and I am very grateful.”
-Livingston, NJ

I have and will continue to unequivocally recommend Forster Thomas. I think FT's greatest strength is their ability to bring out the best story for each individual candidate, regardless of pedigree or background. I believe story tellers, rather than MBAs, evoke applicants' best representation of their candidacy. We are all (future) MBAs, but FT provides a different and valuable perspective.
-Miami, FL
Can't tell you how I appreciate your help and support. I would have never made it through without you; and I must say, you impacted greatly the way I think about my lifetime priorities. To be honest, I have always been quite skeptical about ‘personal coaching’ (or whatever an appropriate term is) and thought that an intellectual person does not need any view from the outside - but I was clearly wrong, and even if I had not got any admission, I would still say that working with you was worth it.”
-Moscow, Russia
Long time! Been 8 years since we were cranking on HBS Essays - and continue to be incredibly grateful as there is no way I would have gotten into HBS 3rd Round without your guys help - no way, and with my wedding coming up in 3 months and seeing that so many of my closest friends are HBS people, the life-changing nature of 8 years ago is all the more prominent." ”
-New York City
Gentlemen- I wanted to express my gratitude to all of you for helping me with my essays and the patience it sometimes require! Susan definitely took the bulk of the punishment reviewing my countless flawed drafts, but you helped finalize them and provided great insight into which schools to apply, strategy, etc. Not only did I submit awesome essays for the five schools with which I worked with your firm, but I learned how to improve my writing style to a point where I submitted compelling applications to an additional five schools (with interviews at each!). I could not have come to this point without the guidance and tremendous work of everyone at Forster-Thomas. ”
Working with Justin was a fantastic experience. He really took the time to get to know my experiences and activities to provide better feedback on my essays. He turned around essays quickly and was available at all hours to fit my schedule. I'll admit when choosing between a number of different consultants, a small voice in the back of my mind told me to go with a former MBA admissions officer or MBA graduate. I'm SO glad I ignored that voice. In addition to knowing the aspects of the program's I was applying to down cold, Justin's Columbia MFA-honed storytelling abilities were vital when I was writing myself as the hero of my application essays. My sequel? My top choice MBA program.”
-New York City
Susan was an integral part of my acceptance into the business school of my choice. She has became not only an essay consultant, but a friend, which shows the depth of her connection to and caring and pride in her clients.”
-New York City
I got into Columbia! I started orientation last week and have barely had a minute to catch my breath since getting into school. What a wild ride. Anyway, I wanted to reach out to say thank you again for all of your help. I had a great experience working with you and have recommended Forster-Thomas to many of my friends that have talked about pursuing an MBA.”
-New York City
I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with David and Evan while applying to MBA programs in 2005. Before meeting them I understood who I was, what my goals were and what qualities I had to offer. However it wasn’t until I started working with David that I was able to organize these ideas into a coherent and succinct story that admissions officers found compelling. I have no doubt that it was David and Evan’s expert guidance combined with my hard work that enabled me to gain admittance to one of the top 2 MBA programs in the country.”
-Boston, MA
David is tremendously insightful and masterfully plays the role of diligent steward throughout the application process. If David skills were transferable to those of a ninja, he would easily be an eighth degree black belt samurai master.”
-New York City
Coming into the business school application process, I felt like I was entering the wilderness. I had a vague idea of some stories from my personal and professional life that might be usable in my admissions essays, but they all struck me as mundane or insignificant. Susan was incredibly good at providing a fresh perspective on those stories—showing me how they could be meaningful to an admissions committee. In addition, she worked tirelessly to give me the advice I needed to flesh out my stories out into effective essays. (Honestly, there were times when I felt like she was more committed to my applications than I was.) In the end, the results were better than I could have ever imagined. Susan (and Forster-Thomas in general) gave me the tools to make that possible.”
-Cambridge, MA
I recommend Forster Thomas to anyone preparing for graduate admissions. Of course, FT helped me write better essays, but more importantly, they helped me pick the right stories to tell. My coach challenged me to dig deeper to understand what drives me and why I've made certain decisions throughout my life. He helped me turn my background and ideas for the future into a cohesive story. This type of guided self-reflection—while challenging, and at a times hair pulling-ly annoying—certainly made a significantly more interesting application. I'm thrilled by all the acceptances I received and am excited to head to Haas in the Fall.”
-Los Angeles, CA
Thank you for your help in my MIT Sloan acceptance today! David - Your strategic advice in switching my Kellogg application to Round II and MIT Sloan to Round I was why I instantly signed onto FT, and why this application was even submitted on-time. Ben - You're more than a brilliant writer yourself, you're an excellent motivator. You pushed me to write essays I never knew I could write. Thank you for being my rock throughout the process, a true confidante, believer, and friend ... I am simply delighted to be accepted (3 for 3) at the top-tier schools I applied to. Thanks again & looking forward to recommending you to others.”
-San Francisco, CA
Between you and David, I felt like I had two huge weapons as I took on the very intimidating admissions process. Towards the end of the process, I fired off some frantic emails to David about not getting a response from Columbia, and he calmly and confidently re-assured me that he thought I was competitive and would be surprised if I didn’t get an interview. He never wavered, and ultimately he was correct. Likewise, I thought your knowledge really benefited my candidacy, specifically with the Columbia personal interest essay. Not only do I think that essay was a major reason in me getting admitted to Columbia, but I think it is one of the greatest pieces of writing I have ever contributed to.”
-New York City
I got into Georgetown!!!!! I am thrilled. Thanks so much for all the help. Ben, I think the time we spent on the GT essays was well worth it and thanks for pushing me to make them perfect.”
I just wanted to thank you both for your hard work before and during the application process! I've put my deposit down for Columbia, and just got word yesterday that I received a small fellowship to assist in paying for the costs of attendance. I know we had some tight deadlines, and Rafe, I appreciate your quick turnarounds and all of your advice on getting through those essays. David, your edits and advice on the interviews were a huge help in getting me in the right mindset and making sure I didn't include anything critically dumb (which I think, for at least one essay, I was fairly insistent on doing...).”
-Palm Beach, FL
I want to thank you guys so much for all of your help over the past couple of months. There is absolutely no way I would have been able to do all of this without you guys. I just found out that I got into Stern and I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am … Thank you guys again, and if any prospective clients want someone to speak to regarding their experience with you, feel free to give them my contact info and I will gush about you guys. P.S. David & Evan – you truly have something amazing in Rafe. He is the absolute best and made this experience enjoyable.”
-New York City
My Forster-Thomas essay consultant really took the time to get to know me and what made me tick. As a result, she was able to help me craft essays on topics or experiences that I was passionate about. I truly feel that this tailored approach and personalized result helped me stand out from other MBA candidates.”
-New York City
David/Justin– I want to thank you both for all the help on the applications. I’m very happy w/ the final product for all 3 schools and you guys were instrumental in getting me there.”
-Greenwich, CT
Hey Ben! I just wanted to let you know that I got an offer from Cornell yesterday. I wanted to thank you again for all the help, couldn't have done it without you.”
-New York City
Forster-Thomas helped me effectively articulate my unique value proposition. With their help, I was able to exceed my own expectations and gain acceptance into a top ten MBA program.
-New Delhi, India
I wanted to let you know that I was just accepted to Kellogg!! I'm beyond excited and I can't thank you enough for your help. When I started this process I had no idea if I'd get in anywhere, let alone into my top two choices-- really could not have done it without you guys! Now let the inner turmoil begin as I attempt to choose a school...
-New York City
David and his team were excellent to work with and helped me tremendously through the b-school process. Their advice was invaluable and I would highly recommend their services.”
-New York City