Per-Essay MBA Services

Need only an essay or two? Work with us on a Per-Essay basis to ensure that each one will leave the competition in the dust.

You only need one or two essays? You're only applying to one school? You won't feel like the unwanted stepchild just because you don't need a big package. You can receive our cutting-edge service, making certain your essays will leave the competition in the dust.

  • Dig-Down-Deep Counseling. Intensive one-on-one brainstorming sessions to avoid the blah-blah and inspire the perfect idea/story for each essay.
  • Detailed Outlines. We turn each essay idea into an easy-to-follow, paragraph-by paragraph outline.
  • Meticulous Notes. After you do your first draft, we give you typed-in, down-to-the-word, connect-the-dots notes on how to give your first draft the quantum leap it needs to become a frontrunner.
  • Unlimited Edits. A minimum of four hours of our time. If you've done a draft, we'll do a draft, and so on and so on, until you have that flawless essay.
  • Final Copy Edit. The bells-and-whistles edit for grammar, punctuation, and spelling by a professional copy editor.

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