The MBA Express Package

The three-school MBA Express Package doesn't mess around. You receive the same level of counseling and editing, without the bells and whistles.

Your sights are set no less high, but your professional, financial, geographic, or familial situation demands that you refine your options. You must live in Chicago because your spouse's medical practice is there; you need programs to prepare you for a career in oil exploration in Azerbaijan; you like warm weather. Hence, you will only need to apply to three MBA Programs. The Express Package doesn't mess around. You receive the same one-on-one counseling and end up right where you want to be — ahead of the pack in the eyes of your admissions officers. What do you get? Let's break it down:

Apply to Three MBA Programs. The sky is the limit, no matter how many essays your three applications require, we go the distance, helping you create essays that will blow your competition out of the water.

  • Personal Consulting. Work directly with an Forster-Thomas consultant.
  • Dig-Down-Deep Counseling. Intensive one-on-one brainstorming sessions to avoid the blah-blah and inspire the perfect idea/story for each essay.
  • Detailed Outlines. We turn each essay idea into an easy-to-follow, paragraph-by paragraph outline.
  • Meticulous Notes. After you do your first draft, we give you connect-the-dots notes on how to give your first draft the quantum leap it needs to become a frontrunner.
  • Unlimited Edits. A minimum of four hours of our time. If you've done a draft, we'll do a draft, and so on and so on, until you have that flawless essay.
  • Interview Skills Consultation. One hour, at no extra charge, with consultant Barbara Barna, the interview skills coach and casting director.
  • Unconditional Attention. Just like Mom: If you're awake, we're awake. Late night/weekend appointments, emergency calls, last minute fixes, whatever it takes.
  • Final Copy Edit. The bells and whistles edit for grammar, punctuation and spelling by a professional copy editor.