How It Works

The Four Parts of our JD Admissions Consulting Process

1. Educational Consulting

There's a lot more to your law school candidacy than writing your personal statement and supplements; you also have to submit LSAT scores, a resume, recommendations, and a lengthy application. Oh, yeah--you also have to choose which schools to apply to. As a full-service educational consulting firm, Forster-Thomas has expert knowledge on all aspects of your candidacy. We'll give you the insider scoop on different JD programs, helping you choose not just where you can get in, but where you'll be happy once you matriculate. We'll consult with you regarding your LSAT score, and connect you with a tutor if needed. We'll help you convert your functional professional resume into a resume law schools will love.  And we'll provide you with strategies for choosing and coaching your recommenders, ensuring they write a letter that will actually help your candidacy.

2. Crafting the Essays

Great personal statements come from the heart, so we need to get to the heart of who you are. To do this, you’ll fill out Workbook One, a detailed inventory of your personal background, your professional and extracurricular accomplishments, the defining moments in your life, and your future aspirations. You’ll even talk about favorite movies and guilty pleasures—often an unexpected source of great anecdotes. Next, you’ll have your first meeting with your creative coach, who will use the workbook as a launching pad to get to know you. We’ll ask tough questions and expect honest answers, so keep the canned responses for a cocktail party. We want to know how you think to ensure that your essays capture the true essence of who you are. That’s how you’ll stand out from the pack.

Once we really know who you are, we’ll work together to create your statement and supplements. This is an intensive process. There are no limits on hours or drafts; we work until we get it right, no matter how long it takes. We'll work with you to brainstorm topics, help you devise an outline to maximize the story's narrative, and provide you with detailed notes for every draft to help you create a compelling, insightful, well written essay. We'll even provide you with a strategy for repurposing a story for multiple essays, saving you time and energy.

3. Editing & Review

Once you've finished all the essays for a school, we send them to our copy editor, who hasn't yet seen your work yet.  S/he then steps up to the plate to clean up lingering grammar mistakes and sloppy constructions, spell-check the spell-check, and make any final notes to ensure that your essay has an edge with admissions officers. The editor will go over any edits/changes with you, and then review and proofread the final essay one last time—you can never be too confident.

4. Interview Prep

Our support doesn't stop once you've submitted the essays. After all, there's still one more step to go: The interviews. Once you receive an interview request from a school, you'll schedule an Interview Skills session with one of our interview experts.  We'll go over the most frequently asked questions and how to answer them, provide you with useful tips and strategies, and ensure that you feel ready to walk in the door with confidence and blow your interviewer away.