The Graduate School Candidacy Assessment: Know Where You Stand

Most admissions consultants start trying to sell themselves within ten minutes of your first conversation—they tout their numbers, their years of experience, and their incredible record of success. It sure sounds impressive. But how do they know they can get you into the school of your dreams before they know anything about you?

Forster-Thomas has a more personalized approach, and that begins with our free candidacy assessment. During a candidacy assessment, we get to know you. We’ll look at your transcript, test scores, and relevant experience so we can determine the competitiveness of your candidacy. We'll discuss your resume, and help you understand how schools will likely view your background and achievements. We’ll find out what you want from your education so we can suggest schools that might be a good fit.

Most imporantly, however, we’ll ask you to tell us about the real you—how you think, what you value, and the way your mind works. That way, we’ll be able to help you decide what kind of admissions assistance you really need, and if we're a good match for each other. After all that's done, we'll answer any questions you have about us—without the hard sell.  

In short, the candidacy assessment is part evaluation, part discovery, and zero sales pitch.

Interested? Curious? Intrigued? Then call us at 212-741-9090, or sign up for a free candidacy assessment.