Admissions Consulting Packages Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs


This package is for parents and high school freshmen, sophomores, or juniors who understand that building a strong candidacy is more important than merely applying to college. College 360 includes everything from guidance on high school course planning to extracurriculars, jobs, and summer programs, all the way to SAT/ACT, college visits, personal statement writing, and application support. We unlock the leader within.

Forster-Thomas provides an all-inclusive tool kit to help your child not only get into the college of his or her dreams but also ensures that it is the right match. When you sign on with Forster-Thomas, you can expect relief from the intense stress of the college admission process. Our team approach is so personal that we'd much rather talk to you on the phone about what we do than give you a laundry list online. But to give you a taste of the comprehensive service we offer, look below:

  • Weekly update meetings (in-person or on the phone)
  • Guidance on courses to take during high school
  • Intensive school-selection strategy consultation
  • Consultations regarding school visits: what to look for, what to ask for
  • All essays, including personal statement, and supplemental and short answers per school
    • Unlimited consultations
    • Unlimited essay drafts
    • Final drafts copyedited after client’s final approval
  • Interview and resume building workshops (college interviews, thank you notes, etc.)
  • Early-action or early-decision strategy.
  • Application support (how to fill out, organize info, etc.)
  • Application reviews for common app as well as individual applications
  • After January 1, monthly update meetings with the members of Forster-Thomas college advising team
  • Meetings can take place over the phone if student is unable to meet at office
  • Appointments must be canceled within 24 hours of scheduled time or $100 fee may be levied
  • Parental contact also unlimited


This package is generally for a senior who has created his/her schools list and knows where s/he wants to apply, and thus only needs help with writing essays that stand out.


Is for the student who has a learning difference or learning disability and require like the personalized service of a college admission professional with extensive experience with learning difference candidates.

Is for the student who has difficulties with:

  • Learning differences or learning disabilities
  • Test anxiety
  • Transcript irregularities
  • Poor disciplinary record (suspension or expulsions)


Is for the student who does not feel at home in his/her current school for whatever reason or is a student who is seeking to advance from associate to a bachelor degree.


Are you pulling your hair out?! Your child waited until the very last minute; early or regular decision is about a month away. Forster-Thomas will light that fire and motivate and inspire a turnaround.


For help with only one or two essays.


To hear more about any of these packages, don't hesitate to call us at 212-741-9090 or email us.