When Do We Begin?

As soon as possible. Many of our candidates begin working with us in their freshman and sophomore years. Of course, it is never too late to build your candidacy, and that is the hallmark of Forster-Thomas: We build candidacies. From the time you begin working with us, we do everything within our power to transform your candidacy into one that will make admissions officers stand up and take notice. We do whatever it takes, making sure to incorporate the candidate's way of learning, be his pace fast, slow, or any way in between.

Our most significant input comes in the area of leadership. Helping a student go from the journey of childhood to adulthood. Making the transition from mommy to maturity.

An Organized, Guided Process

At every step of the way, Forster-Thomas coaches rely on workbooks, questionnaires, action plans, and other tools to create an organized, guided process so you can monitor your child's progress.

The first step involves getting to know your child. Our College-Bound Questionnaire and College Starter Kit will help your child organize his thoughts, passions, interests, and experiences so we understand exactly where he's coming from intellectually, socially, and culturally.

The questionnaire will also help us build a college list of all the schools that may be right for your child. We are solid believers in campus visits, and we'll help organize your trips by region, by campus type, or any other criteria you require. We coach you and your child on how to make the most of a campus visit, including how to talk to admissions officers, what to wear, what to avoid, and what to ask on a campus tour, and even how to assess your tour guide.

One of our favorites aspects of this process is helping young candidates grow as leaders. The tools that help us to this include:

  • College Bound Starter Packet
  • College Questionnaire
  • Favorite Activities Worksheet
  • Expanded Activities Worksheet
  • Extracurricular Action Plan
  • How to Be a Leadership Worksheet
  • Why School "Triangle" Worksheet
  • College/University Road Mapping Guide
  • Resume Creation Worksheet