Auditions are all about asking questions, and we have the answers.

We work with you on your monologue and song selection (if applicable), finding the pieces that are not too overdone and not too obscure and, most importantly, showcase who you are in the best artistic light. We will take whatever experience and technique you have (whether you are highly trained or an absolute beginner), and help you focus your work so you go into the audition room and give a performance that is focused, believable, robust in energy, and authentic. 

Admissions auditions are meant to answer vital questions about you as a performer: 

  • Are you a curious artist? 
  • Are you articulate in terms of the text? 
  • Are you “in your own body” and truly centered? 
  • Are you a risk-taker? If so, can you focus that spontaneity? 
  • Are you “acting” or will they believe they are watching a “real person in front of them”? 

If you don’t understand the difference, we will explain. 

You also have plenty of questions: If you are involved in musical theater, you might wonder: 

  • Do I have to stick to 16 bars or can it be 32? 
  • Should I take a chance with my song or sing “within my wheelhouse”? 
  • What songs are overdone and what songs should I stay away from? 
  • Can I sing a capella? 
  • How will the accompanist work with me? 
  • The instructions are that I should “incorporate movement”—does that mean dance? What should I do? 

In addition to the audition itself, we will help you craft an artistic resume. We will help you answer how it needs to be different from a normal resume. Other questions we will answer for you: 

  • Do I need a professional headshot for the audition? What about my senior picture? 
  • What do I wear? 
  • What’s the group warm up like? 
  • What are they going to ask me during my interview? What do I need to know? 
  • Do I need back up songs and/or monologues? 
  • If the school has different studios, what one is right for me? Do I need to know before I apply? 
  • Should I get a BA or a BFA?

For MFA candidates, do I need an MFA? What should my goals be? Should I know those goals and be able to talk about them before I go in? I haven’t done that much in the last couple years- will that hurt me? I have done mostly just film and TV, or lots of commercials—will that hurt me? 

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, we can help you! Don’t hesitate to fill out a free candidacy assessment.