Tom Locke

Tom Locke is incredibly excited to be engaged in storytelling with many diverse candidates. He has, after all, been telling stories his entire adult life.

While an undergraduate at Columbia University, Tom built a successful professional acting career, starring in several films, plays, and a prime time series. His focus, as an actor, has always been to understand the journey his character must travel, which is the hook with which a performance will compel and provoke an audience.

After finishing Columbia, and longing to explore the enterprise and emerging distribution platforms in entertainment, Tom earned his MBA from NYU's Stern School of Business. At Stern, Tom not only coached teams for their presentations and pitches in business plan competitions, but he began writing plays and screenplays, staying in touch with his need to create stories.

Shortly after completing his MBA, Tom returned home to Massachusetts to help his family after the unexpected death of his father. While there, he began working with teens who dreamed of pursuing artistic endeavors in NYC, but had little support for it at home or in the community. Tom took these teens on a journey that saw them perform in Walt Disney World, on stage at Radio City Music Hall, and ultimately into colleges where they could pursue and develop their passions, many of whom are now attending NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.

Tom decided to write his story, the story of the kids he met out of personal tragedy, and the journey they travelled together. He sold that story to a major television network, and recently developed and produced a one-hour pilot. Tom is currently developing two more shows for the same network, and is thrilled to be a part of the lively and engaging Forster-Thomas team, where he helps MBA candidates to tell their own stories.


Testimonials for Tom:

"I've finally settled into my dorm @ Hanover. Everything is so new & I'm a bit nervous-but in an excited way. After the arduous application season, I just wanted to say thanks for all your support + for reading my essays over + over again! Without you, I couldn't have imagined myself @ B-school right now - how far we've come!"

-New York City