Susan Clark

Susan Clark has been a coach at Forster-Thomas since 2007. Her commitment to her clients is evidenced their high success rate at top MBA programs, her attendance at their graduations, weddings and penchant for sending baby shower gifts. Susan’s career is based on the development of creativity, and is currently an adjunct professor of drawing at Hendrix College in Arkansas. She received her MFA from Yale University and studied at the Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program Her work has been shown in New York, Connecticut and most recently at the Historic Arkansas Museum in Little Rock.

Susan has a long involvement with the personal development field. For four years, Susan led seminars in personal growth for Landmark Education, a company selected by Harvard Business School as a case study. The dramatic also comes naturally to Susan. For many years she was involved with the Actors Institute in New York. The Institute was an organization for actors by actors and ran the highly acclaimed Mastery Workshop, which was attended by top professionals including Tommy Tune, Sigourney Weaver, and Ted Danson. Susan worked behind the scenes logistically and was the stage manager for a production of The Broadway Jukebox, a cabaret show based on forgotten musicals.

Susan is committed to supporting creative growth through community service. She combined all her interests into Summer Stories, a program for elementary children that combined visual art, literature, and drama to tell narratives.  It was conceived as a community-service project for Hendrix students, who design, ran, and nurtured the program themselves. The course was an opportunity for all involved to feel the joy of self-expression, nurturing others, and the drive toward excellence.

Susan has a large, multicultural family with connections to every inhabited continent. It was not a stretch to begin mentoring Brazilian students through the Estudar Foundation, which seeks to promote advanced study in the United States for Brazilians.

Susan loves to bake, especially bread, and has turned that also into Community Service, helping to organize and train bakers for the annual Little Rock Jewish Food Festival, organized by the Jewish Federation.

Testimonials for Susan:

If you want to attend B-school, don’t even think about applying without Forster-Thomas by your side. I went it alone and was rejected from my top choices. A year later, the ever-patient Susan juggled the roles of teacher, guidance counselor, and therapist to get the most of out of my essays. Susan, David and Tom managed the near-impossible: I got into my top choice program and cannot wait to start at Stern!

-New York City

Working with Susan was a great experience. She is excellent at selecting interesting stories that might not seem like natural essay topics at first. But Susan knows how to tell those stories in ways that both answer the essay questions and engage the reader. Even before I heard back from schools, I knew that my applications were significantly stronger than they would have been had I not worked with Susan.

-New York City

Susan took a ton of punishment reviewing all of my flawed drafts while remaining extremely professional and fun to work with!  In the end, not only did I submit awesome essays for the five schools I worked on with Forster-Thomas, I learned how to improve my writing style to the point where I submitted additional applications to five schools and got an interview at each!

-New York City

Susan was an integral part of my acceptance into the business school of my choice. She has became not only an essay consultant, but a friend, which shows the depth of her connection to and caring and pride in her clients.”
-New York City

Coming into the business school application process, I felt like I was entering the wilderness. I had a vague idea of some stories from my personal and professional life that might be usable in my admissions essays, but they all struck me as mundane or insignificant. Susan was incredibly good at providing a fresh perspective on those stories—showing me how they could be meaningful to an admissions committee. In addition, she worked tirelessly to give me the advice I needed to flesh out my stories out into effective essays. (Honestly, there were times when I felt like she was more committed to my applications than I was.) In the end, the results were better than I could have ever imagined. Susan (and Forster-Thomas in general) gave me the tools to make that possible.”
-Cambridge, MA

My Forster-Thomas essay consultant really took the time to get to know me and what made me tick. As a result, she was able to help me craft essays on topics or experiences that I was passionate about. I truly feel that this tailored approach and personalized result helped me stand out from other MBA candidates.”
-New York City