Sheena Singh Danziger

Sheena Singh Danziger is a creative coach, fiction writer, goldsmith, and mother. She has been crafting stories and narratives since she was a little girl in India. Storytelling—as a reader, listener, and writer—is an intrinsic part of who she is. Sheena finds that the creative process of storytelling, whether in its written form, or working with precious metal to creative unique jewelry, holds the key to unearthing and illuminating those important, unexplored parts of ourselves. She is excited to guide applicants on this journey of self-discovery and knowledge.

Sheena is a graduate of Harvard College, and has masters degrees in political science and writing from Columbia University and Sarah Lawrence, respectively. As a graduate student, she taught international politics at Columbia. Her two daughters, each with distinct academic profiles, have gone through the New York City private school system. Her elder daughter is a junior at Harvard College and younger daughter is a senior at Shortridge Academy. She has worked with students domestically and internationally, especially in India, on their applications to college and high school, as well as on English, history, essay writing, planning, and organizational skills. She is currently shopping her first novel to literary agents. She is also a goldsmith and has been hand-making jewelry using classical Roman techniques for the past 15 years. 

Sheena grew up in Delhi, India, where she attended Modern School, Barakhamba Road, from kindergarten through twelfth grades. She was accepted to Harvard College as an international student, and learned what it took to succeed at college and graduate school in the United States. With her two daughters, she experienced the high school and college admissions process from the US perspective. She therefore understands the strengths and weaknesses the international secondary school system, how this compares with the US system, and, most important, how to craft a narrative for either of these systems that helps a student stand out for both a successful candidacy and for a successful application.