Ron Bel Bruno

Coach Ron Bel Bruno’s commitment to better essay writing started in a 10th grade composition class, during which his teacher read his essay on “A Streetcar Named Desire” aloud–then balled it up and threw it out the window.

“My big words alone weren’t enough,” says Ron. “From then on, I committed myself to impressing others with clearly stated ideas, not my Barron’s’ vocabulary.” Here at Forster Thomas, Ron puts three decades of communications experience to work—first in magazine publishing, then in the burgeoning field of content marketing–to help his clients infuse their essays with passion, wit, and most of all, the kind of clarity that gets you noticed.

Ron started his career at Personal Computing magazine, interpreting the mysterious world of bits and bytes for the general public. Later on at Yahoo! Internet Life, he helped to chronicle the emergence of the Internet as a form of mass media, heading up the magazine’s annual Top of the Net review. In addition to editing magazines, newsletters, and other communications for the likes of Citigroup Private Bank, Harrah’s Entertainment, Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley, he has also lent his editorial chops to several non-profit organizations, including The Water Trust, the Alliance for Positive Change, and the Jewish National Fund.

As an essayist, Ron’s work has appeared in Newsweek, Yahoo Internet Life, and Smith Magazine. He has also taught essay seminars for Out in the Adirondacks, an annual LGBT arts retreat. As you write, Ron will guide you in herding, organizing and bringing to the world your deepest, thoughts, feelings, fears, and hopes—even when you don’t want him to.

When not making great minds greater, Ron resides in Manhattan and the Hudson Valley with his partner, Eddy, Alfie, a 90-pound golden doodle, and cats Steve and Eartha.