Evan Forster

  • Evan Forster is a regular speaker at leading Wall Street investment banks.
  • Evan has written for magazines as diverse as Details, Jane, and The Utne Reader. He has captured personalities for New York and Biography and covered the intricate social politics of a rural Montana industrial town for Esquire.
  • He's written service pieces for Men's Health, Mademoiselle, and Seventeen, among many others.
  • A recurring theme in his work is how people have overcome obstacles to transform their lives—a perennial favorite of admissions officers.
  • He interviews Forster-Thomas clients the same way he talks to magazine subjects, diving in with no inhibitions and no barriers. (You'll see what we mean when you talk to him.)
  • Full member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association and Higher Education Consultants Association.

The inspiration for Forster-Thomas began 17 years ago, when an educational consultant turned to Evan for help with college-admissions essays—but not because he was an admissions officer or English teacher. She sought Evan’s experience as a professional writer.

That event sparked the question: “What exactly are admissions officers looking for in an admissions essay?” As a journalist, Evan began his investigation by speaking to a variety of admissions officers. This led right to MBA programs, where the questions were far more interesting and far more difficult than any other type of admissions essays. That’s when Evan began to speak directly with admissions officers from HBS, Columbia, MIT, and all of the nation’s premier MBA programs and writing articles on “How to get in” and “What they are looking for.” Evan quickly found the answer. Top b-schools look for leaders and visionaries—people who are going to make a difference in the world. Now Evan and his team at Forster-Thomas have helped hundreds of people like you get into top MBA programs. It’s not easy keeping in touch with them all, but somehow, he does.

Evan also works extensively with IECA educational consultants and their clients on their graduate, law, and undergraduate application essays. Evan especially enjoys giving no-nonsense, rock-your-world seminars on how to apply to the top MBA programs to investment banks and consulting firms throughout the United States. Evan's dedication and reputation for getting results has made Forster-Thomas the premier MBA essay consulting service among candidates from leading Wall Street investment banks as well as among foreign candidates from Beijing to Brazil.