Doug Ancey

Doug Ancey is graduate of Santa Clara University with a degree in English and Communications (journalism). Doug left his home state of New Jersey for new adventures in California and has yet to leave. He currently resides in San Jose. An avid martial artist, Doug practices mixed martial arts and Brazilian Ju Jistu, and he frequently competes in grappling tournaments. As a journalist and creative writer, Doug composes articles on the goings-on of the MMA industry, contributing to numerous online publications. At Forster-Thomas, Doug makes sure our candidates’ voice remains consistent and personal when editing their essays and personal statements—even while cutting, tweaking, and analyzing for content.

Doug's M.O. is the betterment of self and others. His years of journalistic education and practice allow help him to identify the soul of a story, and portray it vividly yet concisely. His eye for the creative and meticulous proofreading help to bring out the best of you through your essays, putting it on full display for your school of choice. When not typing away, Doug can be found rolling in the gym, or spending time with his friends, as he is the definition of an extrovert.