David Thomas

David Thomas brings to Forster-Thomas 12 years of experience as a magazine editor, including senior positions at Yahoo! Internet Life, Individual Investor, and POZ (which was nominated for a 1997 National Magazine Award for General Excellence during his term as editor-in-chief.) He spent the obligatory late-90s dot-com stint as Features Producer under Eric Etheridge at Deja.com, where he produced the Politics and Entertainment channels, as well as the Buyers Guides that still live on at Half.com. He has published freelance articles in magazines including Men’s Health, Seventeen, Music Choice, and The New Physician.

Thomas received his MSJ in magazine publishing in 1991 from Northwestern University’s Medill Graduate School of Journalism. As a financial journalist, Thomas interviewed such well-known players as Lou Dobbs, Richard Grasso, James Grant, and Henry Blodgett. As an editor, Thomas is best known for his ability to retain the integrity of a writer’s unique “voice” even when dramatically tightening, punching up, or adding narrative cohesion to his or her work.

Thomas's research on the top MBA programs could fill volumes. One of his favorite responsibilities at Forster-Thomas is providing candidates with advice on how to research MBA programs and how to make the most of a campus visit.


Hello Ben and David!

The Associate Director of Admissions at the University of Chicago called me last Thursday and offered me deferred admission to the UChicago class of 2023, which I almost immediately accepted.

I am almost in shock how lucky I am to have inched my way in, and I would like to thank you both for all the incredible help and support you've given me, which probably made all the difference in both getting into the waitlist, and then clawing my way off.

-- Livingston, NJ