Amanda Giroux

Once upon a time, Amanda was Evan Forster’s first unofficial client, long before Forster-Thomas was founded. She vividly remembers Evan helping her perfect her controversial essay about Lorena Bobbit (and she is still convinced that is what got her into her top-choice schools). It was Evan’s guidance and true passion for telling a compelling story that first inspired her to become a writer. 

A bold, nineteen-year-old Los Angeles native, she decided to pack up her things and move to New York. She attended Eugene Lang College at The New School University while working as an intern at POZ Magazine. During her second year, she began interning at PressCorps Inc., a publishing company that distributed a variety of titles including CelebrityStyle, Teen Celebrity, Gym, Medical Tribune and American Druggist. The Editor-In-Chief asked if she would be willing to leave school and work for him full time as an assistant editor. Following her dream, she jumped in headfirst and was promoted to an associate editor within the year. She was also chosen to write the weekly “cyber guides” for The New York Times Health Syndicate.

In early 2000 she returned to Los Angeles to dip her hand in the dot-com world and worked as a part of the editorial team at She quickly found her voice in a weekly “He Said/She Said” column with a co-editor and Dr. Drew, which quickly became a site favorite. While on the West Coast, she continued to freelance for Yahoo! Internet Life, Shape and Fit Pregnancy. 

While writing about topics from relationships to health and fitness and sharing personal stories of celebrities’ lives, Amanda always continued to work for Forster-Thomas, helping other college hopefuls dig down deep to reveal themselves through the college personal statement.

Amanda is a storyteller and she wants to help candidates tell theirs. A certified copyeditor, her favorite work to date has been when she’s had the opportunity to get her hands in there as a writing coach. She loves helping to collaborate on an essay that becomes richer and more palpable after she’s had the chance to work with candidates and come up with the perfect marriage of structure and words.

To this day, despite that often whiney, but always beautiful pre-teen niece of Auntie Evan’s that she gave birth to, Amanda works with Forster-Thomas candidates everywhere. What sets her apart? Well, now parents--as a mom herself--Amanda feels your pain!