Aimee Barr, LCSW

I remember when I first met the team at Forster-Thomas. They were helping my younger brother dig down deep and tell personal stories that would transform the way he approached his MBA candidacy and the essays he had to write about his life in order to get accepted to a top program. Seemed like therapy to me. I even said that. Big Mistake. I recall that moment like it was yesterday: “We are not your therapists,” Auntie Evan demanded. ”We are your dramatists.”

Well, not anymore! Now I’m a member of the team, and I’m a damn good psychotherapist. So, we’re your therapists too—no matter what Auntie says. And I can help make this whole admissions thing go a lot easier and be a lot less stressful.

Auntie Evan finally realized that given all of the commotion and tumult that the admissions process (and Forster-Thomas) creates, YOU—and sometimes your family—need someone to talk to about the process, your fears, the anxiety, and the good stuff too. That would be me—a professional therapist, not an artist like your coach or Auntie Evan. So, every Forster-Thomas candidate gets the opportunity to spend an hour talking to me about admissions-related issues, or just life in general—free of charge.

I am committed to helping you remove your self-imposed barriers. I am result oriented and highly skilled in developing success enhancement strategies so you can get to the school your dreams.

Look, I’ve got years of clinical experience practicing in a variety of hospital, corporate, school and other social-service settings. But no matter what, I love working with people who are creative and curious about themselves. That’s who you are. It’s just that sometimes you get in the way of yourself--especially in this often cut-throat admissions process. I will help you get through the emotional stuff while Auntie Evan and his team helps you write about it.

Additional talents include handwriting analysis and making balloon animals. BTW, Auntie Evan’s handwriting best resembles actor Marlon Brando. My best balloon animals include: a parrot in a swing, a lion and a dinosaur. So there.