If getting into Film School is your dream, make us your reality.

A BFA or MFA from one of the best film schools can catapult you right out of that $69 IKEA mesh office chair and into a canvas Director’s Chair that comes with a megaphone, a beret, and a 3-picture deal with a major studio. But some film programs are more competitive than Harvard Law School, so having a clever script idea and a handful of witty YouTube videos won’t cut it. You’re going to need a compelling personal statement, first-rate storytelling skills, and stellar recommendations from the RIGHT sources (hint: it probably isn’t Spielberg, no matter how well your uncle knows him).

Our Forster-Thomas creative coaches aren’t just educational consultants who fancy themselves snooty film critics. They’re award-winning film professionals who went to top film schools themselves. They have contacts at MFA and BFA programs including USC, UCLA, NYU, AFI, and Columbia, so they know what the admissions gatekeepers really want to see.  And most importantly, they are successful visual storytellers. They’re not just going to tell you what would make your reel or sample script a bit better; they’re going to coach you through every step of the process, from helping you brainstorm script ideas to showing you how to put the credits on your DVD. In short, we’ll make sure your candidacy doesn’t Fade Out before Act Two of your career even begins.  

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