We Take The Fear Out of Admissions

For over twenty years, Forster-Thomas has built a global reputation among undergraduate and graduate candidates alike for the personalized service, integrity, and excellence we bring to our work as educational consultants.

Our secret is simple: We truly understand admissions—and you.

No matter where you’re applying—college, b-school, law school, med-school, or film school—one fact remains the same: stats like your GPA and test scores only serve to get you past the gatekeeper. What genuinely excites admissions officers is gaining an understanding of who you are. If they can get an in-depth look at the real you (including your strengths, values, accomplishments, quirky tastes, and yes, even weaknesses), they will form a connection with you, just as your closest friends have. In other words, communicating your personal story in an insightful, reflective way is crucial, and that’s exactly what we help candidates do best.

At Forster-Thomas, we're not simply admissions consultants, we're devoted, fearless coaches—and we play at an Olympic level. We dig deep to help you discover your true self and express it through your essays. We unlock the leader inside you, helping you be the leader you can be. We drive you to up your extracurricular game, shift your perspective on what makes you great, and whittle your dreams into sharp academic and professional goals.

Ultimately, what we do is build great candidacies—from advice on strengthening your transcripts and extracurriculars, to interview skills, to essays that communicate who you are instead of merely what you've done. And the most important part? We make sure you and the school you’re applying to is a fit.

Let us help you send a clear message to admissions officers: Acceptance is a two-way street. Your community needs me just as much as I need it.

To find out more about how we can help you, select the program you're applying to from the menu above. Or, you can learn more about us and our team of coaches.

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The Forster-Thomas Leadership Action Plan

Building candidacies through targeted leadership activities

A history of active participation in leadership-based extracurriculars is one of the most important elements of your college or grad school candidacy--it tells admissions officers if you’re engaged and involved in the communities you are a part of, or merely a bystander in life.

While other admissions consultants merely tell you to go get more extracurriculars if you need them, Forster-Thomas actually works together with you to develop and implement a leadership action plan custom-tailored for your needs, interests, and availability.

Find out more about our Leadership Action Plan page

The New College Common Application Essay Questions

They're here, and we know how to take them on

The Common Application Board has released the Essay Questions for the 2021-2022 College Common Application.  This year, there are seven prompts to choose between and the new 'The Covid Question'.

Read the common app questions or see Evan Forster's video blog on the questions.

Check Out Our New MBA Essay Guide!

Deadlines, essay questions, and more for the top 20 MBA programs

Our comprehensive MBA Essay Guide not only provides you with access to all the essay questions asked by the Top 20 MBA programs, but also includes tips and suggestions from Forster-Thomas consultants on how to best approach these questions. Check it out here.