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Essay Questions for 2020-2021 / Class of 2023

2020-2021 UT Austin / McCombs MBA Deadlines

Round 1
Application Deadline: October 13, 2020
Decision Notification: December 17, 2020

Round 2
Application Deadline: January 5, 2021
Decision Notification: March 25, 2021

Round 3
Application Deadline: March 30, 2021
Decision Notification: May 6, 2021

Applications are due no later than 11:59 p.m. CST the day of the deadline.


2020-2021 UT Austin / McCombs MBA Essay Questions

At Texas McCombs, we celebrate being a collaborative community that values each person’s unique experiences, passions, and perspective. Essays help us get to know you as an individual and how you would fit with our culture and community. We also use them to assess your communication and/or presentation skills. This is your opportunity to give us more insight into your background, goals, and personality. Strong essays convey research, reflection, and your motivations for pursuing an MBA, specifically at the McCombs School of Business.

Please complete both essays below, as well as the optional statement if you would like to provide any further information regarding your application.

1. We will learn a lot about your professional background through your resume and letter of recommendation, but we want to get to know you further. Please introduce yourself. Select only one communication method for your response.

a. Write an essay (250 words)

b. Share a video introduction (one minute in length)

2. Picture yourself at the completion of your MBA journey. Describe how you spent your time as a Texas McCombs MBA student to achieve your personal and professional goals. (500 words)

Optional Statement:

 Please provide any additional information you believe is important or address any areas of concern that you believe will be beneficial to MBA Admissions in considering your application. (e.g. gaps in work experience, choice of recommender, academic performance, or extenuating personal circumstances) (250 words)

Visit the McCombs admissions website for more application information.

Disclaimer: the information provided on this page is for reference only. Applicants are strongly advised to visit the admissions website link provided above to confirm essay prompts, deadlines, and other application information.