Careering from career to career? Let Forster-Thomas pull you out of your tailspin.

Receiving no response to your job application sucks; heck, hearing any kind of “no” is not easy.  But it is the last thing you’re going to hear before “yes”.  At Forster-Thomas, we create a path and a plan to get you the job, the career and the life that you want. We’re your bridge from “no” to “yes”, and we have twenty years of experience surgically removing the blocks people have before getting the life they want.                                 

How do we do it?  We have a multi-stage process. First, at the risk of sounding like a Rodgers and Hammerstein tune, we get to know you, trying to understand what is between you and getting the job you really want. By the way, we have a whole radio show and website, Job Talk, devoted to this. And by the way, we don’t care what color your MBTI balloon is (well, maybe David Thomas does a little) -- we’re much more likely to ask about your astrological sign.

We figure out exactly what is holding you back, and we cut it down to size. If you’re operating out of fear, we mitigate it. If you’re playing the comparison game, we get you to focus. And if you’re just beating yourself up and playing the victim game, we slap that right out of you. We create a customized Career Action Plan targeting your weaknesses. We do a resume overhaul, from the bottom to the top. We create adaptable cover letter(s) that are as mutable as Mr. Fantastic’s elbows. And of course we do comprehensive interview coaching.

You’re probably getting a feel for our style already. You’re going to take some risks with us – but if you want safe, call someone who’s going to figure out what your “strengths” are and tell you things like “follow your bliss”.  Then call us, and we’ll tell you how things really get done in life.                                                                                                                            

Ultimately, there is no successful career for you that doesn’t include you. So call, Skype, email or tweet us (did we mention we work globally?) and see what kind of transformations you can create in your professional life.