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By Ben Feuer

Businessweek reports that top B-schools like Fuqua are now using analytics to track applicants' interest in the program, taking note of things like how many times you email admissions, whether you perform a campus visit or not, and the like.  They're doing this because of yield -- long story short, the school wants to know that if you are admitted, you will attend, and they feel this is a good way of determining that.

This is a great opportunity to set yourself apart from other applicants with minimal effort -- just researching the school and following up your application status alone will demonstrate a higher level of interest than many people do, especially in the next few years, before it becomes common knowledge that this software exists.  Other schools can track whether alumni interviews and program information have been requested, so that all counts as well.

Even if this software didn't exist, reaching out to your target school would still be a great idea.  It helps determine fit, and gives you a chance to get a foothold in the campus community by talking to alumni and current students.  So what are you waiting for?  Go out there and start knocking on doors!


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