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Forster-Thomas interview skills expert Jani Moon shares everything you always wanted to know about sex and MBA admissions interviews, but were afraid to ask.

By Jani Moon

As a professional interview skills expert at Forster-Thomas, I've seen my share of MBA applicants. As a sexy Asian girl living in New York City, I've had my share of romantic interludes. Believe it or not, the two experiences have a lot in common!

A great interview is like great sex. I go on an epic emotional journey, fully present to both who and what I am. You share deeply with me, and take risks. I am moved and I surrender, releasing into darkness and coming out the other side grateful, alive, and transformed.

Am I telling you climb across the conference table and get all “hey girl” Ryan Gosling on me? Of course not. But the same DYNAMICS apply. Talk to your HBS, Kellogg or INSEAD interviewer like you would an old friend or a confidant. Make her fall in love with you, call her to action. Leave her inspired.

Jerry was a bad 'lover'. As he robotically rattled off the facts of his painful divorce during our interview session, I missed the TRUTH of the story he was telling. Where was the pain he had felt? What lessons had he learned? How had he transformed? I was ready to fire up an e-cigarette and call it a night.

I get it. Interviews are scary, especially when you want that slot at Columbia GSB so badly you can taste it. Jerry was scared of rejection. He didn't feel safe or confident. So he held back – and I got nothing.

Sorry, Jerry, but that's not the way to get in. You can't hold back. You have to lean in, bust out of that cage you call a three piece suit and PLEASE me. In other words, be more like Pia.

Pia knew what she was doing. I felt her emotion but also her groundedness, her humbleness, but also her complete and utter transparency. The story about the death of her mother moved me to tears. She left me begging for more. And by the way, it wasn't just me who dug Pia's act – after Kellogg saw her video essay, she got into her school of choice without even breaking a sweat.

You're probably thinking – dammit, I'm a Jerry, not a Pia. But you're wrong. Jerry was a Pia, he just didn't know it. You already are amazing, sexy, dynamic. You have what I want. You just have to believe that you do.

Tune in for part two tomorrow and find out the ten essential tips that will make you irresistible in the the interview room, AND the bedroom.


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