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Another exciting opportunity for those of you still trying to figure out how you're going to finance the next stage of your career;  Bank of America is offering a $40,000 scholarship to MBA students planning to begin classes in the Fall of 2015.

It's a diversity fellowship, so you'll need to be one of the various and sundry minority groups (or in the case of women, majority group) that Bank of America lists on its application page.

Mercifully, the requirements for application aren't too onerous -- a 500 word essay about your career goals and how the BofA fellowship is going to help get you there, a current resume, an example essay from one of your B-school applications (a Stanford What Matters Most essay might be a good choice here if there isn't too much overlap with the essay you write for the BofA application), and a few other odds and ends.

It's also nice that Bank of America has chosen to open this application up to anybody -- you don't need to be a former Bank of America employee to apply (although I'm sure it helps).

So go ahead and start filling out those application forms -- and if you need any advice on your essays, contact us.

Photo by Chung Hu.