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In this panicked season of candidates praying for admissions gold, it's a great time to reflect that, after all, an MBA isn't everything.

By Ben Feuer

Ok, I'm being a bit tongue in cheek (more than a bit?).  I know if you are reading this blog post, you probably already have your heart set on Stanford, HBS or bust.  And you know what?  More power to you.  That's a great dream, and those are great schools with lots of top notch opportunities should you attend one of them.

But there's more to life than a brand name on your resume, and so Forster-Thomas is taking a few minutes out of its day to present the counter-argument ... why a name-brand MBA might NOT be exactly what you need at this juncture.

1.  Many successful CEOs don't have one.  Consider this US News article -- of the top Fortune 100 companies, less than half of the CEOs had an MBA, and only HBS and Wharton were disproportionately represented on the list (8 and 4, respectively).

2.  Recruiters often have their own sets of concerns.  As this article from Business Insider reminds us, top recruiters have their own concerns which sometimes overlap with the concerns of b-schools, and sometimes don't.  They value work experience very highly, and see the value of going back to school as more contemplative, useful for certain types of work (and for networking).  Background discipline matters enormously.  Furthermore, they have their own opinions of what schools are really great, ranging from Kelley to McCombs to Darden.

3.  Startup CEOs often skip the MBA stage.  Since they start young and tend to focus on tech, many (but not all!) startup CEOs don't bother with an MBA.  As this rather vitriolic Fortune article reiterates, startups are about the product rather than the management know-how.

So are you convinced?  Going to give it all up and start an emu farm in Topeka?  Or a cozy corner-store bakery, perhaps?  No?  That's OK.  For investment banking, management consulting, private equity, venture capital, entrepreneurship, and a hundred other opportunities, a name-brand B-school is still a great way to go.

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