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  Tomorrow (March 11th, 2014), US News will release its full list of the highest ranked medical schools for research and for primary care.  Here's the preliminary list.

 By Ben Feuer


 On March 6th, US News released the list we have all been waiting for -- the new ranking for medical schools.  Of course, we here at Forster-Thomas take a dim view of the continuing global obsession with rankings -- after all, is the #23 school really turning out substantially inferior primary care physicians than the #16 school? -- but it is still a useful shorthand for those just starting out on their path to medical school.

 Well, not to steal their thunder, but here is the list.


Columbia University (NY)
Duke University (NC)
Harvard University (MA)
Johns Hopkins University (MD)
Stanford University (CA)
University of California—San Francisco
University of Pennsylvania (Perelman)
University of Washington
Washington University in St. Louis
Yale University (CT)
Michigan State University (College of Osteopathic Medicine)
Oregon Health and Science University
University of California—San Francisco
University of Massachusetts—Worcester
University of Michigan—Ann Arbor
University of Minnesota
University of Nebraska Medical Center
University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill
University of Washington

University of Wisconsin—Madison 

 Key changes from last year -- in primary care, #11 Michigan State University has climbed into the top ten, supplanting Colorado-Denver, and among research universities, Washington appears to have supplanted Chicago and Ann Arbor, which were last year locked in a three-way tie for #8 -- but since this is just a preliminary list, it is impossible to be certain of that until tomorrow.

 We look forward to the final list!

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