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To commemorate Businessweek’s 2014 ranking of the top undergraduate business programs, Forster Thomas is profiling the top ten. Rounding out the top five is Washington U. in St. Louis's Olin School.

By Ben Feuer


#5 is a collaborative, intellectually rigorous program with a long and proud history, both for undergraduates in general and for the b-school itself.

Job security – 97% of students have offers at graduation

Long tradition – founded in 1917

Gotta love a B-School with a selfie contest

Relatively even distribution of jobs on graduation, with 33% in Financial Services, 18% in consulting and 7% in media

An average salary upon graduation: $60,000



According to Businessweek, 100% of admitted applicants each year are incoming freshmen, and Olin is a bit unusual in that its BS in Business Administration is declared freshman year – so right from the beginning, you take business classes. Ideal for students who know what they want from a young age. Admission is through the University, and is very academically rigorous (75% SAT = 1550).

Although Washington University does not require a supplemental essay for the Common Application, supplemental essays are required for Academic Scholarship and Fellowship Programs, which are open to all freshman applicants.


Olin offers transfers in the fall semester. You must demonstrate high scholastic performance from a two- or four-year college that mirrors most of Olin’s freshman and sophomore academic requirements, like microeconomics and the equivalent of Calculus II at the college level. If you’re a junior-level transfer candidate, requirements would also include financial accounting, macroeconomics, and, possibly, managerial accounting.

Successful applicants present at least a B+ average from a two-year or four-year college in courses across a broad academic curriculum.


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