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To commemorate Businessweek’s 2014 ranking of the top undergraduate business programs, Forster Thomas is profiling the top ten. Jumping three spots to #6 this year – UT Austin McCombs.

By Ben Feuer


McCombs, the second highest ranked state school on our list, is ideally situated in Austin, a growing city that has a strong focus on energy, tech, and entrepreneurship.

Reasonable in-state tuition of $10,738 anually

Top feeder for Deloitte, well represented in consulting

Outstanding career center

Powerful alumni include the CEOs of ConocoPhillips and Southwest Airlines

Average salary upon graduation: $58,049


Thanks to an unusually well-organized admissions website, getting the information you need is easy.


Freshmen apply through the usual ApplyTexas website – unless they are interested in the Business Honors program, no separate application is required. Letters of recommendation are optional, and UT Austin does NOT conduct interviews for candidates applying to the McCombs School of Business.


Transferring into McCombs is, of course, highly competitive (last year's acceptance rate was 72%), and bear in mind the McCombs School of Business accepts students for the fall semester only.


McCombs requires at least 24 hours in residence at UT Austin, at least one year of college foreign language or two years of high school foreign language, Calc I, II, Micro and Macroeconomics.

Students are limited to two attempts, and must be made within the first four semesters.


3.0 GPA minimum, 3.5 recommended. The residency and class requirements are the same as for internal transfers, as is the foreign language requirement.

In addition to these requirements, students must have at least 30 hours of transferrable coursework.

17% of appliants were admitted last year.


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