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To commemorate Businessweek’s 2014 ranking of the top undergraduate business programs, Forster Thomas is profiling the top ten.  Today, the #2 school, University of Virginia: Mcintire.

By Ben Feuer


McIntire is the top ranked state school for undergraduate business majors, according to Businessweek, and it is the top ranked major feeder school for Washington DC.  Need I say more?  All right then, I will.

• In-state tuition just over $10,000

• No need to declare your major until your junior year

• Students give back – 30% of alumni donate to the school

• Strong presence (1500+) in NYC and Washington DC

• An average salary upon graduation of almost $64,000 – not too shabby


McIntire requires that students complete a minimum of 54 credits and strongly desires that students complete a minimum of two academic years before enrollment.

Admission is competitive, and personnel look for evidence of competitive academic performance, intellectual ability, significant work or life experiences, as well as other qualities of character that may not be quantitatively measured. These include:

•Strong communications skills





•ability to work with others




For Current UVA Students:

A committee of four faculty members separately reviews and makes independent decisions on each applicant. Afterward, the group meets to reach consensus.

Important academic factors considered by Admissions include cumulative grade point average, academic performance in prerequisites and those courses related to business (accounting, economics, mathematics), and degree of difficulty of courses taken to date.  Also considered are Collegiate Extracurricular Activities, Activities and leadership within organizations, and Work experiences.

For more information, check here.

For Transfer Students:

Applicants enrolled at schools other than the University must apply to the University of Virginia as a transfer student and should indicate application to McIntire.  It is strongly recommended that students complete all prerequisites before transferring to the University, and transfer should be made directly to McIntire as a third-year student. The University of Virginia: Transfer Information Web site has more information about this process.

Students currently enrolled at a Virginia community college and interested in applying to McIntire should complete the suggested courses listed in the Prerequisites-Equivalents at Virginia Community Colleges.

Some Useful Facts:

• The mean GPA of students admitted to McIntire from other colleges and universities has historically averaged 3.8.

• The same admissions criteria apply for transfer students as for current students, including extracurriculars and work experience.

• The University is aggressively increasing the goals for admitting students from the Virginia Community College System; over half of McIntire’s incoming transfer students are historically from the VCCS.


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