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To commemorate Businessweek’s 2014 ranking of the top undergraduate business programs, Forster Thomas is profiling the top ten. Remaining at #10 this year is UNC Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flagler school.

Among the top ten schools, UNC Chapel Hill stands out for its low tuition, friendly community and attractive campus.


• Lowest cost in the top ten for in-state students — $6,423
• UNC students most frequently go into financial services — Bank of America is their top recruiter.
• UNC students tend to be well-rounded, dividing their focus between classes and extracurriculars.
• Jason Kilar, the founder of Hulu, attended UNC.
• Average salary upon graduation: $58,537



Freshmen cannot apply to Kenan-Flagler, but they can plan their career, research leadership and earn top grades, all of which will help them with their application.  These are the primary factors UNC considers —

    Academic excellence
    Depth of thought and intellectual curiosity
    Motivation and Drive
    Excellent communication skills
    Strong leadership potential and professional maturity
    Global awareness

Students who have completed their first year will be eligible to apply for Undergraduate Business admission beginning July 1 to start as soon as the following spring semester.

The admissions committee does not take an applicant’s residency into consideration.

Average GPA for admitted students is 3.5.  Acceptance rate is 58 percent.  Prerequisite courses include —

ENGL 105 or ENGL 105i

Calculus-based math at UNC*:
MATH 152 or 231 or 232 or STOR 112 or 113
*Exempt if credit for both MATH 231 and 232

ECON 101 Introduction to Economics

ECON 410 Microeconomics
STOR 155 Introduction to Statistics

BUSI 101 Management Accounting

Applicants are encouraged to seek pre-business advising from the General College Division of Social Science Advisors.


Admitted UNC transfer apply on the same timetable as freshmen — beginning July 1.

Students must spend at least one semester (fall) in the College of Arts and Sciences before they are eligible to start at the business school (students apply early in their first semester at UNC).  All students (transfer or not) must complete all business school prerequisites before they are eligible to start in the Undergraduate Business Program.

UNC will not admit junior transfer students with more than one remaining prerequisite on their fall UNC class schedule.  While not required, please know that summer school might be a good option for some students as many of our prerequisites are offered in the summer months.

Juniors must request to take up to two core business courses in the first fall semester. Applicants can do this here. While there is no guarantee that seats will be secured in two core classes, completing the survey the day it opens (at 8am the day before classes begin), provides the highest chance of securing one or two classes.

Transfer students should not come to the program with the expectation that they will be granted an additional (ninth) semester. We do, however, entertain requests for an additional (ninth) semester if requested in the eighth semester. 


Should submit a Transfer Equivalency Credit Review form for business courses as soon as you accept your offer to join UNC (you will be prompted to submit a course syllabi with this form).


UNC Kenan-Flagler developed the Assured Admission Program to be among the various offerings of the Excel @ Carolina Program. UNC Kenan-Flagler selects a small group of first-year students for assured admission to the undergraduate business major. These high-achieving students are identified through a comprehensive evaluation of their undergraduate application to the university. There is no supplemental application for the UNC Kenan-Flagler Undergraduate Assured Admission Program. Students are chosen on the basis of their merits, as demonstrated in their UNC Undergraduate Admissions application.