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To commemorate Businessweek’s 2014 ranking of the top undergraduate business programs, Forster Thomas is profiling the top ten. At #8 this year is a newcomer, Indiana's Kelley School.

By Ben Feuer, Photo by Jeff Hart


Kelley is an innovator among the top ten, with a popular new online initiative and an undergraduate program whose reputation continues to rise.

Fantastic in-state tuition of $8,919 per year

#1 ranked by recruiters

Top feeder for EY

Mark Cuban is an alum! That's fun.

Average salary upon graduation: $55, 167



85 percent of Kelley applicants are freshmen. As a Bloomington direct admit (available to students entering in the fall semesters only), you can bypass the admissions requirements current IU students must meet to be accepted into the program, so if you know this is the way you want to go, it's a good bet.

Students must indicate an intended major in business on the university application and meet the direct admit criteria of 1270 SAT or a 30 ACT and earn a high school GPA of 3.7 or higher. To actually gain admission, however, a 3.8 / 1350 split is more realistic.

Unconventionally, Kelley does not require letters of recommendation or essays from undergraduate applicants in the initial review process, although both may be required if you are invited to apply for Selective Scholarships and/or Scholar Programs. The required personal statement for freshmen has a 300-word limit.



Standard admission into Kelley gives you a powerful advantage when it comes to acceptance into Kelley: they don’t care about your ACT scores from high school.

Interested students must fill out an application for admissions to the Kelley School by April 1 for fall admission or November 1 for spring admission. A student must take specified courses in business analysis, business communication, and mathematics and complete 26 credit hours to apply. Consistent B performance across all courses is expected, and they look at all grades, not just business.

Your involvement with extracurricular activities, community service, and any work experience you have are considered by the committee, but academic performance weighs most heavily in the decision.


If you are interested in transferring into the Kelley Undergraduate Program, your first step is to apply and be admitted to IU Bloomington. You’ll need to be enrolled as a University Division student for at least your first semester on campus.

Once you are admitted to IU Bloomington, you are encouraged to apply for Kelley School admission during your first two semesters.


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