Auntie Evan, the alter-ego of Forster-Thomas founder Evan Forster, teams up with the Queen Of All Written Media, Katie, for a scientific study of the relationship between writing MBA admissions essay and drinking...oh, and sex. 

A lot of you have been emailing and asking about how to create great candidacies. Last week, as Katie moved into her new self-proclaimed role as Queen of All Written Media at Forster-Thomas (aka “blog slut”), we received an email from Chase in Martha’s Vineyard asking, “Is it true that drinking and sex help you write better MBA essays?” At first, we just laughed and shrugged it off.  We were about to tackle another, more conservative question about timelines for choosing recommenders. But we just couldn’t get Chase’s question out of our heads, and a worthy question it is: Do drinking and sex really help with the creative process of writing?

So, Katie and I donned our lab coats and did some investigating (and experimenting). Here are 10 of our highly scientific findings on the science of drinking, sex and writing MBA admissions essays.

  1. Having sex releases endorphins. Endorphins help you write. This is science.
  2. Drinking low-end whiskey is bad for writing. Switch to single-malt. This is science.
  3. Drinking lowers your inhibitions, so you won’t be as worried about what the AdCom thinks, and you will therefore take more risks with your topics. Hence, your essays will be more interesting. This is science.
  4. Taking a stand and kicking your evil neighbor’s ass is perhaps even better than sex, and also releases endorphins. As we’ve discussed, endorphins help you write better. This is science.
  5. Some people don’t take MBA essays seriously. These people don’t get into top MBA programs.  These people also don’t drink. This is science.
  6. Katie can tell you if your essays are any good. She’s copyedited over 1,000 essays. This is definitely science.
  7. Research confirms that many people feel that they are better able to write in the morning when they are fresh and rested. Research also confirms that a lot of other people are more creative after 5 pm, when they are drinking and sloppy. This is also science.
  8. People who play drinking games are more competitive than those who don’t. Being competitive makes you a better candidate. This again is science.
  9. A lot of people get into top MBA programs despite their drinking problems. (Don’t give up.) This is science.
  10. It’s 5pm somewhere. Drinking makes essays better. This is science. 


--Auntie Evan and Katie