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 Forster-Thomas offers helpful tips for MBA applicants seeking an international edge.

 By Ben Feuer

The Guardian wrote on Friday about the ever-increasing value of international experience in the admissions process.  More now than ever, business is global, and MBAs looking to get the maximum value out of their degree and their training should think about whether they are competitive on an international scale.

Are you fluent in a second language?  English may be the worldwide language of business, but Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese and Arabic can all come in very handy for MBAs.

Are you experienced at integrating into unfamiliar cultures?  I don't mean going on a fun vacation in Taiwan or backpacking across Europe with your buddies.  Have you immersed yourself in a foreign culture, forged connections, made new friends and contacts in completely alien settings?

Do you have skills that translate internationally?  Are you strong quantitatively?  Do you have a lot of experience with Excel or other computer programs that are commonly used overseas?  Do you understand the fundamentals of leadership and how to motivate people?

Mastering your core skills and honing them is the best way to be competitive nationally AND internationally -- and as businesses continue to expand their influence, these abilities will only grow more important.


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