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Virtual reality entertainment, education and interactivity open up new possibilities for graduate school applicants. 

By Ben Feuer

The Oculus Rift, headed soon to a living room near you, is more than just another screen.  It is a virtual reality headset that also tracks your body movements.  In other words, it's interactive entertainment brought to a whole new extreme.

Of course, this immersive medium is a natural fit for film (MFA applicants, take note), and MBA students should always be hip to exciting new potential business ventures (VR streaming services, anyone?).  But if you do not see a potential for your future career in this, you're just not thinking inside the box.
Going to earn your architecture M.Arch?  You might wind up designing virtual environments in CAD that people can walk through from the comfort of their own homes.  Medical school?  How about immersive long distance video checkups on patients with limited mobility?  Journalists?  Maybe your next news piece will walk us through the middle of a conflict zone, sensing gunfire erupting all around us.  Psychologists?  You'll probably be stuck comforting the rest of us after we realize that we have no actual in-person experiences anymore.

The future is now!  Bottoms up, and when it comes time to write your personal statements and goals essays, take your blinders off, unless, of course, your blinder is an Oculus Rift.


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