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Just because you can’t go to work doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time today! For those of you who still have Internet service, we decided to give you a few helpful suggestions on how to make the time fly by!

Rock out to All About That Bass while weeping over your round one rejection emails.

Read even more reasons not to go to law school this year and feel good about your life choices.

Catch up on Transparent.

Practice your acceptance speech for your (anticipated) victory at the Lean Startup Challenge this year.

Teach yourself to make voodoo dolls in preparation for the round two rejection emails.

Get creeped out about the fact that vampirism actually works.

Obsessively troll Internet forums trying to figure out if anyone has heard back from Stanford yet. (No link required, you know where those forums are)

Follow Elon Musk on Twitter.

Watch endlessly recycled footage of crews deicing plane wings on the news.

Be happy it’s 2015 and snowstorms are not actually that big a deal anymore.

Happy Winter! from the Forster-Thomas Team