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Forster-Thomas interview skills expert Jani Moon offers ten great tips on how to conduct a powerful, sexy, persuasive MBA admissions interview.

By Jani Moon

In case you missed it, yesterday I explained in detail how to have a mind-blowing sexual encounter – I mean, MBA interview. Actually, I explained both at the same time. Check it out. And then come back here for the after-party – ten essential tips that will make you irresistible in an admissions interview.

1. Get my attention. I'm HBS. I'm the hot chick in the room, and I know it. If you do not get my attention, you won't get anywhere with me. So start with a dramatic introductory fact, question, statistic, quote, or thought. Make sure you've practiced it in front of a mirror and can deliver it well. If it's good, it will hook me.

2. Give me foreplay. Here's a little open secret about us girls – you have to lower the drawbridge BEFORE you storm the castle. Set up the story. Give me the time and place. Introduce the cast of 'characters' I need to know. Present the internal or external conflict. An internal conflict is a struggle that you have within yourself and external conflict is one you have outside of yourself.

3. Guide me, but gently. Some like it rough, others like it gentle. But here's something nobody likes – being left uncertain what to do. This is your ride, and you have to be my guide. Tell me a sequence of specific events that build to the conflict and climax. Tease me with details. Use metaphor, simile, personification and the language of the senses to paint a full picture.

4. Reveal your thoughts and feelings. What are you thinking right now? I want to know. No, I'm not just asking, I really want to know! Those kinds of details are exciting! Whatever you talk about in the interview, make sure I know what you are thinking and feeling about it. I will feel more connected to you. You're opening a gateway into your soul, an opportunity for me to relive this specific moment and time with you.

5. Build to a climax. I know it's coming. I've been waiting for it. Don't disappoint me. Instead, dramatically build into your climax. Increase the pace of your voice, use a higher pitch tone, and repeat phrases to build intensity. And don't be afraid to surprise me with a last minute twist.

6. Release into darkness. That's it. You hit the emotional summit. But don't be sad. Instead, be silent. This was amazing. No need to talk about it. Sh-h-h-h. Breathe. Pause. Pause. Pause. Silence is golden.

7. Surrender. When you finally do speak again, don't you dare ask me how it was. Do not seek my approval – your job is not finished yet. Now it is time, softly, slowly, and with total vulnerability, to tell me your deepest, darkest, rawest truth. The one that scares you. That's the one. Your fear, your pain, your dream, your joy, your hidden belief that you are not good enough. That moment will complete our emotional bond.

8. Give empathy. When I participate, offering something in return, be a generous partner. Empathize with my point of view, even if you do not agree. Be kind and accepting and prepared to learn something amazing. Above all, be humble and grateful for the emotional ride and soulful experience that you just shared.

9. Complete. Ok, so we had this earth-shaking, amazing moment. Now what? Don't leave any questions in my mind, or in my heart. Resolve every story, answer every concern or fear I may have (remember, I'm vulnerable here too!). Make sure before you walk away that I am satisfied and I know what the next action should be.

10. Share what you learned. It may not come up, but if it does, you have to be ready. If asked what you learned, thoughtfully reflect on the experience. Tell me how you have changed because of our meeting. Share a valuable lesson. Discuss what you might do differently – next time. Remind me there will be a next time.

Wow! That was amazing. I think I need to take a cold shower now.

Take me on the ride of my life. Interview like you are making LOVE to me and get into the MBA program of your dreams. I dare you.


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