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If you are an MBA applicant looking for the next amazing entrepreneurship opportunity, forget Silicon Valley -- Beantown's where it's at.

By Ben Feuer

As someone currently living in Boston, I may be a little biased when I say this, but this city deserves more credit.  And perhaps it's finally getting it.  According to a new BBC article, Beantown may well be taking its rightful place beside New York City and Silicon Valley as an innovation hub. Not that that would be news to famous Boston innovators like Ray Kurzweil, innovator in OCR and music.  For them, this is merely an acknowledgement of what has long been true -- Boston is one of the most educated and intelligent cities on the planet.

Now, new tech companies like Spritz are choosing to make their home in Boston rather than flee to the West Coast.  Spritz, which promises to increase reading times by saving your eye the effort of scanning a page of text, has a cool tech demo on their homepage, and if it works, it could be particularly useful for our law students, who seem to spend half of their waking hours reading and taking notes.

Spritz, by the way, is from MIT.  MBA applicants take note -- if you have entrepreneurial ambitions and you have even a passing interest in tech, how can you NOT love this school?  And if for some reason you don't, you have more than 100 other options available to you.

Yeah, New York and LA are great.  But don't forget about Boston!

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