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by Ben Feuer

In which Forster-Thomas takes a very serious look at the problem of medical school debt.  Ok, maybe it's not that serious of a look.  But hey, why solve a problem when you can point out how ridiculous it is?



Here's a shocker: medical school debt continued to climb in 2013.  In fact, according to the AAMC, the typical student owes $175,000 upon graduation.  Here is a list of things you could buy with $175,000 right now on eBay.

1.  "A Primitive, 17th Century Parisian Islamic Leather Hammock".

For your primitive, 17th century Parisian/Islamic baby.  I guess in Renaissance Paris, brown was the new brown.

 2.  A Super-Expensive Sony 4K Digital Movie Camera Package

To finally create your unsung masterwork, My Degree is Going to Cost me More Than the Gross Domestic Product of 17th Century Paris.

3.  The actual suits worn by Will Ferrell AND John C Reilly in the movie "Step Brothers".

Because after dropping almost $200k on your medical school degree, you will be very, very lucky if you can still afford to pay the rent on your stepmother's loveseat.

So yes, your education is very, very expensive.  More so, in relative terms, than it has ever been before.  But of course, you already knew that.  So what's the takeaway from all this?

Simple.  Don't short-change your application process.  Research your schools, both reaches and fits, and figure out which campus cultures and teaching hospitals serve your needs the best.  Not to do so would just be a waste of a dollar.  Or 175,000 of them.


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