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Once again, the number of medical school students exceeds the number of available residencies.

By Ben Feuer

Thanks to a shortfall in Medicare funding, this year there were 412 medical school students who were unable to secure residencies, a necessary step toward becoming a physician.

Obviously, this isn't good -- but it's also not unexpected.  Every desirable discipline is becoming more competitive, and medicine is no different.

So how does this affect you?  If you have not yet applied to medical school, understand that more than ever, IT MATTERS WHERE YOU ARE ADMITTED, and the significance is likely to increase over time.  Don't take a casual approach to your application. (I'm sure you weren't planning to!)

If you are already IN school, be realistic about your relative performance at your school and cast your net wide enough that you are very likely to secure a residency.  Treat it as you would a school application -- have reaches and safeties to prevent being left out in the cold.  What discipline you choose matters.  What geographic region you choose matters.  Don't put yourself in an impossible situation.


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