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Reversing her statement last year, Dee Leopold has announced that Harvard intends to keep its prompt the same.

By Ben Feuer

\The latest update to Dee Leopold's HBS admissions blog (on May 15th) had some very intriguing information for prospective HBS students thinking of applying this year.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, the prompt for this year's HBS application is the same as last year.  Leopold says that although they had intended to change it up every year, the responses they received were so varied and interesting that they changed their minds and decided to keep it the same.

Secondly, there is some information on this year's recommender questions, so if you are looking to put together something for your recommenders, you now know what to work from.

Finally, the deadline for first round applications has also been pushed up this year to September 9th, so be prepared to sharpen those pencils (keyboards?) a little earlier this year than last year.

Once the application goes live, we will be posting the relevant information here as part of our MBA essay guide.  For now, however, you at least know the prompt and the first round deadline, and that is more than enough to get started!


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