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 We check out the Financial Times's 2014 list of most popular MBAs, and assess what's surprising, and what is not.

By Ben Feuer

The Financial Times has released its annual list of most popular MBAs. The top spots are occupied (unsurprisingly by Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton.  London, Sloan, Columbia and INSEAD are also well reviewed, although in the case of Columbia, it is a few slots lower in the reviews than in the overall rankings.  Other outliers in this department (ranked lower in popularity than overall) include Yale and Fuqua.  On the other hand, Ross, Tuck and Stern are substantially more popular than their overall rankings might suggest.

It is also interesting to consider how this list stacks up against Money's list of best value for money schools.  Babson has a strong performance in both lists, as does Brigham Young University.

Last but not least, several Indian schools rank quite high in student satisfaction, despite lower overall rankings, including IIM Ahmedabad and Bangalore.  Could this be a sign of Indian business schools continuing their inexorable rise in popularity and prestige?  Time will tell.


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