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Money Magazine ranked the best value for money colleges in America.  We analyze the top five.

By Ben Feuer, photo by 401kcalculator.org


College rankings are like fudge -- even when you've had more than enough, there's always room for one more.  Money Magazine has obliged, offering up a ranking of the best colleges for your dollar.  It will be fascinating to see how this list compares to the one the government will be putting out at some point in the near future.  For now, you'll have to settle for Forster-Thomas's quick take on the top five.

1.  Babson College.  Obviously a surprise pick, but not a completely shocking one.  As MBA applicants have known for years, Babson is a hidden gem among Northeastern b-schools at both the graduate and undergraduate level.  Perhaps this will help bring them out of the shadows a bit.

2.  Webb Institute.  Listing a college of 80 students on a list of this kind feels a bit like a gimmick -- isn't this really more of a trade school?  Still, I can tell you one thing for sure -- now that this list is out there, that 38 percent acceptance rate is set to go way, way down.

3.  MIT.  Here is where the powerhouses begin to weigh in, and it is not particularly surprising that a school that graduates the most exclusive batch of STEM majors in America at a time when STEM is highly desirable would have excellent employment numbers.

4.  Princeton.  Princeton is the top liberal arts school on this list, and the top Ivy.  Apparently this is because of its excellent financial aid.  Of course, with an acceptance rate of 7% and a top ranking on many 'best college' lists, this was not exactly a hidden gem.

5.  Stanford.  Stanford's reputation across disciplines has grown exponentially in the last fifty years, and its ranking on this list is just another example of how amazingly far this school has risen in the world.  Tops in entrepreneurship, tops in undergraduate ... heck, they even  have a great D1 football program!

The rankings are definitely worth a top to bottom read -- or at least a 1-20 read.  An interesting new take.


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