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As the cost of attending an elite business school continues to rise, MBA students are shouldering the burden without increasing their personal debt ... for now.

By Ben Feuer

Remember how a couple of weeks ago, we took note of the rising costs of medical school, and, concurrently, the rising amount of debt held by medical students?

Turns out that is not a universal problem.

MBAs are more than happy to pay the increased fees for attending top business schools around the country, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.  This is a little depressing, but not really surprising -- after all, MBAs earn more than their pre-med counterparts, and some of them even solicit employer contributions to their education.

On a somewhat more disturbing note, the guys who commissioned the study claim that this should help policymakers distinguish between undergraduate degrees, which the study calls “a must for anyone who wants to secure a middle-class income,” and graduate degrees, which usually aren’t “the foundation for economic opportunity.”

Excuse me?  How do you get that from this?  We here at Forster Thomas see the exact opposite trend developing.  As college degrees become nearly universal, a graduate degree from a top school is THE distinguishing factor in allowing you to have the career you want.  All this proves is that some careers will always be more lucrative than others.


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