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The 2014-2015 deadlines have all been gathered in one convenient location -- on our website.

By Ben Feuer

Poets and Quants has posted all of the 2014-2015 deadlines for the top schools, and we added them to our MBA essay guide.  Now you can find all the questions and all the deadlines in one super convenient location!  You're welcome.

We do have a couple of very important caveats we would like to add to this joyous occasion.  The biggest change, and the most challenging deadline to meet this year is Kellogg's.  Although it is ALWAYS preferable to do an on-campus interview if possible, some students may need to request an off-campus interview for Kellogg.  Kellogg has made it clear that there are a very limited number of slots for off-campus interviews this year, and they are going to fill up quickly -- so if you are interested in Kellogg, you should try to have your application in by September 3rd, September 10th at the absolute latest.  If you are planning to do an on-campus interview, you can take another week or so, but be aware that slots for on-campus interviewing are limited as well.

Columbia GSB continues to have rolling admissions, making the early decision the odds-on favorite for acceptance to the program (our data from our own candidates bears this out).  If you are not planning to apply early decision, however, wait until after the early decision period is ended to submit your application.  This caveat does not apply to early decision schools without rolling admissions.

Otherwise, just be aware (if you are not already) that all the deadlines have moved up.  You will need to submit earlier in the year, so get started now -- don't wait!


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