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Forster-Thomas covers recent trends in MBA employment.

By Ben Feuer

The MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance's surveys from the past two years have revealed some interesting trends in MBA recruiting and employment.  Although there are always a lot of questions left unanswered by surveys like these, a few trends seem very clear indeed.

1.  Overall, recruiting is up.  Since the source of information is B-schools' self-reported statistics, this can hardly be considered unimpeachable data.  Still, things appear to be trending upward overall as the economy continues to rebound.  Small, midsized and large firm recruiting is up at around 40% of reporting schools.

2.  Startups are recruting more fresh MBAs.  As poaching executives becomes more impractical for fresh startups, MBAs are looking like a more attractive alternative every day.  57% of startups are doing more on-campus recruiting.

3.  Schools 21-50 have seen a recruiting boost.  Although the rising tide of MBA desirability is lifting all boats, it is lifting the boats of the 21-50 ranked schools the most.  Poets and Quants attributes this to 'overfishing' at the top schools, but it is equally possible that the reputation of the degree overall is simply improving.

Overall, although there are never any guarantees in the realm of employment, these developments can only be seen as promising for the degree and the field overall.


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