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On the other end of the spectrum from yesterday's post, a supreme court justice overreacts to US News Rankings.

By Ben Feuer

This is old news, but worth highlighting as a counterpoint to yesterday's post about MBA rankings.  Law School rankings, although still very problematic, are an excellent predictor of employability and salary, at least according to some sources.  But justice Alito had some hard words for US News's rankings, calling them an 'abomination' and claiming that the legal community would be better off if they were eliminated.

Here is a list of Alito's clerks in the last four years.

Yale, Yale, Yale, Yale  #1
Stanford, Stanford #3
UVA #8
Duke, Duke, Duke #10
Cornell #13 (tie)
Georgetown #13 (tie)
Texas #15
George Washington #20
Notre Dame #26
Seton Hall #68

A couple points to make about that list.

1.  Yale, the #1 ranked law school, accounted for a quarter of all clerks.
2.  Top ten schools accounted for more than half of all clerks.
3.  One clerk from outside the T50 schools made it as a clerk ... 5 years out of school.

We here at Forster-Thomas hate to point fingers, but if Justice Alito wants to make a case for ignoring law school rankings, he could start by doing that with his own clerks.  And if you are applying to law school, rankings do matter ... although probably not as much as you think they do.

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